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I am originally from Chicago and I have called the South 'home' for more than half my life.  I'm a little bit snow and a little bit sweet tea.  My son & I live in Charleston, South Carolina where we live to paddle board, kayak, ride our beach bikes around town, go to the beach, and enjoy the beautiful views of the town we are blessed to live in. 


My career wasn't always photography.  While it's always been a hobby of mine dating back to high school back in 198-something, my primary career is human resources.  I come from a family of photographers and came by this hobby-turned-career honestly.  I have 23+ years as a human resources executive, with a bachelor's and master's in communication, traveling the world and working with incredible firms.  

What made me evaluate pursuing photography further was the loss of my parents over a 10-year period, due to illnesses that shattered their dreams and fractured my world.  Through this loss, I was inspired to take a chance on pursuing my dream in photography.  I love to live inspired and what inspires me wholeheartedly is photography. 

I am a lifestyle photographer who is absolutely in love with this phase of my life and with what I am fortunate to in these careers I adore.  I create beautiful lifestyle photographs by getting to know you & your family and learn elements that make your world unique and I hone in on those in pictures. I want those who see my photographs to feel the emotion of the situation, as though they are looking at a memory of someone they know.  

My child is the most important person in my world.  My parents were as well.  My friends are an extension of my family and I treasure them dearly. I laugh often.  I cry when broken.  I worry all of the time.  I dream for my son.  I pray for those I love.  I love deep.  I fall hard.  I take chances.  I forgive often.  And I believe pictures carry your heart to places to you didn't know existed. 

I would be honored to help create these memories for your family. 

- Leanne Leigh




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Tel: 843-323-8628

Email: info@leanneleigh.com

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